A Girl’s Guide To Craft Beer

A Girl’s Guide To Craft Beer

Do you have that friend that you can bank on having a good time?  Let me introduce you to my friend Megan!  We have been friends for over 10 years and counting.  Megan is my go-to for fun, good food and drink recommendations.  She enjoys strong tasty drinks and laughs.  Megan has shared four of her favorite craft beers and mead for any gal to venture. Cheers!

Modern Times Dragon Mask

Strongest in alcohol, this tasty beer is aged in maple bourbon barrels for 18 and 24 months.  Carrying notes of chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, and maple, this is great to sip as an after-dessert drink.

6oz- 22oz

ABV 13.9%


BEER STYLE- American Imperial Stout

BEER TYPE-Dark Lager

BODY -Strong full bodied 

TASTE -Slight maple sweetness

Modern Times Starbelt

Less carbonation than some, this a hoppy refreshing Heidelberg Pilsner. It evokes notes of lime zest, lemon peel, and orange.  Great to pair with seafood or when having a BBQ.

4pk-16 oz

ABV 5.2%


BEER STYLE- German Pilsner

BEER TYPE- Hoppy Lager

BODY- Light

TASTE-  Mild easy to drink

Homage Brewing Dark Fantasy

Like a stout this is made from roasted malts. Pairs well with smoked meats, bratwurst and tri-tip


ABV  5%

BEER STYLE- German Schwarzbier

BEER TYPE- Dark Lager  

BODY –  Medium body

TASTE – Moderate to high bitterness

Modern Times Ice Pilsner with Lime and Sea Salt

Hopped with Czech Saaz (gives aromatic additions) and Australian Summer hops packs flavor. Great to drink cold on a hot day or lounging by the pool.

6pk- 12oz Cans

ABV   4.8%


BEER STYLE- German Pilsner

BEER TYPE- Light Lager

BODY- Light-bodied

TASTE- Refreshing, Toasty, Crisp

Honey Pot Meadery Rubus Cube

Raspberries, vanilla and meadowfoam honey (light marshmallow flavor) make this a rich pleasing dessert drink. A little can go a long way, this is great to enjoy with friends or on a dinner date.

6oz bottle

ABV 12.9%

STYLE- Dessert Mead

TYPE – Honey wine

BODY – Strong full bodied

TASTE- Tart yet sweet