Best Beauty Organizers Under $30

Best Beauty Organizers Under $30

Having a designated place to display and organize my makeup and accessories has made it easier for me to find my things and keep them clean. I love that all these Amazon products are affordable and look good with any type of room decor.

Cosmetic Organizer & Jewelry Display $27.99

This affordable organizer can be stacked or separated to hold cosmetics and jewelry. The different compartments allows for you to keep the products separated and coordinated.

Makeup Mirror $23.99

A mirror with great lighting facilitates applying makeup when the lighting is not optimal.

Makeup Storage Containers $11.99

Storage containers fit well in drawers to keep your products in plain view and organized.

Bean Bag Filler $4.99

If you want your makeup brushes to stand up, fill your makeup brush holder with some bean bag filler to do the trick.

Makeup Brush Holder $5.99

This brush holder is very economical, can hold a variety of brushes.

Beauty Blender Holder $6.29

A two pack of beauty blender holders for less than $7.00! You can keep your blenders clean and dry with these cute holders.

Stackable Headband & Hair Accessory Holder $15.50

You can separate or stack the holders and put any accessories, products or jewelry in place. When you stack the holders your headbands can be neatly stacked.

Vampire Facial? Yes!

Vampire Facial? Yes!

Once a year I like to splurge on a PRP facial . This facial can be pricey and can range between $400-$1000.  I have been getting this facial done for the last three years and have loved the results. 

What is a PRP Facial?

It is popularly known as a Vampire Facial.  The correct term is a Platelet rich plasma facial. 

 The Benefits

  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles and scars
  • Tightens open pores
  • Increases collagen to elastin

The Process

Based on my experience, local anesthetic cream is applied to the face. Then they take a sample of your own blood through your arm.  That blood is then run through a centrifuge that removes the platelets. The platelets contain high level of growth factors that stimulate cell turnover when applied to the skin.  

Once your face is numb (about 15 minutes) your face is micro needled and the platelets, which have the appearance of a serum are infused to your skin. It does not hurt, but some areas are prone to sensitivity such as your brow bone, under eyes and lips.

The whole process was less than an hour and your face immediately feels as if you have a sunburn.  It is recommended to have a good moisturizer that does not contain any glycolic acids. I used Zo Skin Health Hydrating Creme and was advised to wash my face after 5 hours.

Immediately After Treatment

The Results

My face was extremely red for two days and it took about 8 days for the redness to completely go away. You will notice your face peeling as it heals. I prefer to do this treatment during the wintertime to minimize sun exposure. Once my face healed completely, I noticed that my pore size was minimized, and skin felt smoother. 

Guide to Pearly Whites

Guide to Pearly Whites


Nothing is more attractive than a person with a great smile and teeth.  With that being said, it doesn’t take a lot to upkeep your teeth.  You just need to make the time and effort. I absolutely have seen a huge difference on how my teeth look and feel after my daily routine.  After my last dentist visit, they mentioned I was cavity free and gave me kudos on my teeth maintenance.  So, let’s begin:

  1. Floss– Flossing every day is imperative to avoiding any cavities between your teeth.  I love Glide dental floss.  It does glide and does not get snagged in between your molars. 
  2. Waterpik– I must admit I was late to the party with this one.  I had no clue what it was until my Dentist recommend it.  It is an oral irrigator that sprays water to remove food between your teeth.  I find that it dislodges food really well, but I still floss to make sure no food particles are left behind.
  3. Quip toothbrush– It is a battery powered electric toothbrush that uses sonic vibrations to clean your teeth. It vibrates every 30 seconds to move to a different section of your teeth for a total of 2 minutes.  This has been by far the best toothbrush I have used for my sensitive gums.
  4. Crest Mouthwash– I love this mouthwash, it is alcohol free and does not burn your mouth. It has a pleasant taste that leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
  5. Crest Whitestrips– I have found the best deal for these is through Costco.  If you have not tried them, you should.  They give your teeth a makeover for a low price.  I use them once a month and have seen a huge difference on getting rid of teeth staining. 

I didn’t mention any toothpaste since everyone has a specific preference. Overall, whatever works for you keep it up!