About Me


Ever think you know someone only to realize later that they were are beautifully different? There is a beauty and mystery of delving deep and exploring others. Interested? My goal with my blog Beauty In Plain Sight is to capture different walks of life that bring out creativity, inspiration, insight, and culture. Beauty in Plain Sight will be your source for everything that captures fashion, beauty, home and travel.

My Story

Hi friend! My name is Maria, well it really is Maria Guadalupe Ruezga… Wait? Huh? Yes! I am full blooded Mexican, born and raised in sunny California. I speak fluent Spanish and embrace my unique self. I am a true blonde with green eyes and light skin (I am on the lightest end of the spectrum for all the Maria’s in Mexico.) I am a mommy to a little girl and little boy and have been married to my better half for 16 years. I enjoy great tasting food, a strong cocktail and love to travel. I LOVE to find a great deal, but don’t get it twisted sometimes you have to spend some coin to look fabulous!