Fun Stay At Home Kid Activites

Meet Melanie! She is a family friend from New Mexico, she is an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children.  Mel has shared some of her students’ favorite activities that are fun for all ages.

Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a surprise! You can use items around your home.  Hide the grand prize around the house.  This activity stimulates their minds and keeps their bodies active.

Make Your Own Bingo

Great for any age! You can make a variety of topics for your bingo cards depending on the age of your child.


  • You can practice letters
  • Practice reading (vocabulary words)
  • Set up trivia questions and answers

Popsicle Ice Cream Stand

You can either buy popsicle molds or you can use a silicone cube tray and stick popsicle sticks in them to freeze into mini popsicles.  A few ideas:

  • Add vanilla ice cream and orange juice
  • Juice with fresh fruit
  • Yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Tasty Smoothie


Who does not love painting? Use washable paint to paint paper plates and add macaroni’s to make fun designs.  Sponge cut outs make it fun for little ones or hand paint.


See what you have in your refrigerator and pantry and create food art!


  • Clouds-Whipped cream
  • Sun- Gold fish crackers
  • Flower Petals- Cuties
  • Center Flower- Blueberries
  • Stem-Cucumber slices
  • Leaves- Spinach
  • Dirt-Crushed chocolate cookies

Messy Fun Quicksand

A science project that helps explain and talk about quicksand! When pressure is applied to the mixture it gets thicker, but when pressure is released…. (find out what happens)


  • Mix 2 cups of corn starch
  • Add food coloring (will temporarily dye fingers for the day)
  • 1 cup of water

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