I got to admit I was hesitant on trying out Orangetheory, it seemed intimidating to work out with a group of people knowing I was not in the best shape. My usual fitness routine was attending Zumba and organized classes at 24-hour fitness.  After having my second child I was not seeing the results I use to and I decided to try out Orangetheory’s complimentary class.  Wow! I was ignited, the music was on point and members were hyping one another.  I burned 500 calories in one hour and felt exhilarated, sign me up!  


What Is Orangetheory?

It is a one-hour group fitness workout that includes both cardio and strength training. The workouts are different every day, and a coach guides you throughout the entire workout. 

Their websites states, their workouts are based on the EPOC system “Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.” One hour work out is designed to produce 12 minutes or more of intensities at 84% or higher. A “afterburn” effect is produced for an increased metabolic rate up to 36 hours after the workout.

Their workouts are based on endurance, strength and power.  It is important to wear a heart monitor which you can purchase at the studio to track your data for every workout.  Each member’s heart rate will be displayed on television screens showing how many calories everybody is burning and what color zone each person is at.  

There are five color zones:

  • Grey- resting phase
  • Green- 71-83% base pace, comfortable
  • Orange- 84-91% push pace, uncomfortable but doable
  • Red- 92% all-out effort (you are out of breath)

When your heart rate gets to the orange and red zones combined you start accumulating “splat points.” Your goal is to get 12 or more splat points which equals 12 minutes spent in those zones.


Working Out 

Classes are offered through their mobile app and you must sign up in order to attend.  They have several different coaches that teach different time slots.  The early riser class starts at 5am and for the late-night crew last class is at 8:15pm.  The workouts are broken into two or three groups depending on the class size. One group will start on the treadmills and another group will start on the water rowers. These two groups are doing the guided cardio portion of the class.   The last group or portion of the class is the strength training room.  The coaches will demonstrate the workouts and television monitors display the exercises and rep range.  The floor exercises use free weights, resistance bands, benches, trx straps and ab dolly.  It may seem intimidating at first, but the coaches do a great job modifying exercises to fit anyone’s current physical conditions. I would recommend trying the free class.

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