Meet Salina

I met Salina through a mutual friend a couple years ago. She is such a fun easy-going girl. I enjoyed learning so much about Egypt through her travels, hopefully one day I can visit. Salina was born in Egypt and speaks fluent Arabic and English. She currently resides in West Los Angeles. Salina was kind to share pictures of her recent trip to Egypt.  She offers some travel and food suggestions.  Enjoy!

To enjoy a camel ride you can find them near the beaches or Giza pyramids. Hurghada is a beach resort along the Red Sea coast. There you can scuba dive and find beautiful color fish. They have many restaurants, bars and night clubs.


  1. Luxor– It is the most well known city for its oldest and most Ancient Egyptian sites. It is known for the best outdoor museum.
  2. Nile Cruise– Best way to see ruins and modern Egypt along the banks of the Nile.
  3. Beaches– see best beaches to visit
  4. Alexandria– It is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Best Beaches To Visit

  • Sharm El- Sheikh
  • Hurghada
  • El Gouna

Recommended Egyptian Eats

  • KUSHARI– A national dish that consist of rice, macaroni, and lentils mixed together, topped with a spiced tomato sauce and garlic vinegar and garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. Image Credit: Payangan
  • WRAPPED GRAPE LEAVES– Egyptian stuffed grape leaves are often served as an appetizer in Egyptian restaurants. They can be served hot for cold with meat-based stuffings and rice-based stuffings. Image Credit: Arabic Bites
  • EGYPTIANS KEBABS– Chicken cubes are marinated with yogurt and curry powder. Image Credit: tripadvisor
  • KNAFEH– A popular dessert made with unripened cheese that is baked in shredded phyllo dough before being soaked in simple syrup.
  • TEA- The national drink in Egypt, it is called “shai”.

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