Guide to Pearly Whites


Nothing is more attractive than a person with a great smile and teeth.  With that being said, it doesn’t take a lot to upkeep your teeth.  You just need to make the time and effort. I absolutely have seen a huge difference on how my teeth look and feel after my daily routine.  After my last dentist visit, they mentioned I was cavity free and gave me kudos on my teeth maintenance.  So, let’s begin:

  1. Floss– Flossing every day is imperative to avoiding any cavities between your teeth.  I love Glide dental floss.  It does glide and does not get snagged in between your molars. 
  2. Waterpik– I must admit I was late to the party with this one.  I had no clue what it was until my Dentist recommend it.  It is an oral irrigator that sprays water to remove food between your teeth.  I find that it dislodges food really well, but I still floss to make sure no food particles are left behind.
  3. Quip toothbrush– It is a battery powered electric toothbrush that uses sonic vibrations to clean your teeth. It vibrates every 30 seconds to move to a different section of your teeth for a total of 2 minutes.  This has been by far the best toothbrush I have used for my sensitive gums.
  4. Crest Mouthwash– I love this mouthwash, it is alcohol free and does not burn your mouth. It has a pleasant taste that leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
  5. Crest Whitestrips– I have found the best deal for these is through Costco.  If you have not tried them, you should.  They give your teeth a makeover for a low price.  I use them once a month and have seen a huge difference on getting rid of teeth staining. 

I didn’t mention any toothpaste since everyone has a specific preference. Overall, whatever works for you keep it up!    

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